2.TAG Intro to Theatre of the Oppressed FlyerIntro to Theatre of the Oppressed Techniques for Activists and Organizers

November 8th, 2015

10am – 5pm
Baltimore American Indian Center      113 S. Braodway
How does the way we organize affect our spirits, our lives and the work itself? How can we all do better for our communities and for ourselves? These are the questions we seek to answer together, through theatre, in this Learning Exchange. Join us! Theatre Action Group [TAG] introduces ideas and practices behind Theatre of the Oppressed [TO] techniques to other leaders, artists, facilitators and educators in and around the Baltimore area. TAG will share examples of various TO techniques – tools with which to capture, give voice and reflect upon community stories and issues. We will be utilizing stories from the depth and breadth of our real, lived experiences of leadership to explore. 

Enjoying a host of fun and meaningful interactive games, TAG will share their approach to facilitation based in TO theory and action, arming peers with energetic artistic tools that can build a stronger movement towards a healthy, equitable and strong city.  

Light snacks provided! 



Theatre Action Group (TAG) utilizes theatre, visual arts, storytelling, music, and dance to incite meaningful dialogue around challenging topics or specific issues. TAG assists groups in developing strategies for self-empowerment, authentic communication, anti-oppression and celebration.