What We Do

*Workshops*Diversity – Inclusion Trainings*Performances*Team Building*

*Facilitated Theatrical Discussions*Interactive Dialogues*

YOU CHOOSE THE THEME — We place the community experience in the forefront as we explore the theme of your choice through the magic and wonder of Theatre!

TAG brings diverse audiences together to publicly discuss, through the playful insights of theatre, the complexities of any topic including Strategic Planning, Power, Race and Privilege, Class, Diversity, Gender, Discrimination, Empowerment with .

TAG Dialogues

We define “dialogue” as the sharing of ideas, information, experiences and assumptions for the purpose of personal and collective learning.

This “performance workshop” is participatory with the audience engaging in receptive listening, brainstorming, sharing stories and reflecting on their personal journey as it relates to any topic.


Fun Theatre Games – Team Building, Empowerment, Improvisation, Introspection, Songs and Movement

Poetry and Storytelling

Group * Diads

Interactive Game Shows

Creative and Collaborative Play Making

Instructor Trainings